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02-27-2013, 05:46 PM
I run dual tac teams on mine, with a Torpedo High Yield in the other tac slot. I know I'm a tank. I might as well put my skills towards being a very tanky tank. I don't feel much motivation to run other weapons skills personally.

I also run an Eject Warp Plasma 1, but that's mainly just personal flavor. Plus it came in uber handy when I was doing that Elite ETF Khitomer Vortex a lot, for keeping the probes under control. I think Science skills depend *a lot* on whether you are focusing on PvE or PvP, so I won't comment too much. I don't mind jam sensors as a Ensign skill, because it breaks Borg cubes tractor beaming me. But again depening on what you're doing mileage may vary.

I just use all my engineering consoles on armor. Boring? Yeah. But tank is tanky. I had an EPS conduit too but I'm not satisfied that it brings a whole bunch to the table.

My Science consoles are one of those Fleet Embassay Romulan threat control/shield boosting doohickeys, and the Borg Assimilated Module (I have both of the Borg space sets).

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