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Hey everyone. I have NO idea if someone has done a thread like this or not-- and if there's already an existing thread, or if Ten Forward is not the place for this, then, mods, I apologize-- but I challenge you all to post pics of your Captain. Optionally, you can post your bridge crew and ship as well.

I'll start things off:

My captain, Arkos Nair (an alien of my own design)

Another view of Arkos

Arkos and crew (with their names conveniently displayed)

My current ship, the U.S.S. Hadrian.

And my previous ship, the U.S.S. Da Vinci

I encourage people to post their own stuff as well.
Fantastic to see what Arkos looks like As I don't have a computer capable of running the game ( ) Here's a list of the actors I would cast if I was to be filming any of the things I have written, and who I would attempt to make any toons look like...

Wesley Cooper - Brad Pitt
Marcus Kane - Matt Bomer
Jedda Tobin - Bridget Moynahan - Trill
Andrew Pfeiffer - Jack Davenport
Nicola Devereaux - Jane Krakowski
Roger Hunt - Taye Diggs
Rebecca Van Doren - Charlize Theron
Anthony "Tony" Polizzi - Ryan Gosling
Saffron Dallas - Cynthia Nixon
Sam McKnight - Jude Law
Andrew Sloane - Hayden Christensen
Ryan Howlett - Michael Fassbender
Amanda Palmer - Ashley Greene
Lucy Bellingham - Kat Dennings
Sam Wilby - Nicholas Hoult
K'm'rn "Cameron" Kane - Peta Wilson - Pentaxian*
Ch'K'rr - Scarlett Johansson - Pentaxian
R'sH'd - Alexander Skarsgard - Pentaxian
S'rR's Kane - Dakota Fanning - Pentaxian/Human binary clone
Alix Kane - Zooey Deschanel

Paul Kane - Chris Noth
Rebecca Kane - Mimi Rogers
Marcus "Polo" Kane - Asa Butterfield
Alix "Ali" Kane - Shyloh Oostwald
Sovak - Tony Amendola
Sotek - Arnold Vossloo
T'Jenn - Famke Jansen
T'San - Lacey Chabert
Selek - Bill Milner

Neil Grayson - Mark Harmon
Darien Kane - Jeremy Irons
Amanda Palmer - Courtney Cox
Rynar Lambert - Stephen Moyer
Meliden Bowen - Eve Myles - Cardassian
Bellic Chanos - Vin Diesel - Bolian
Brandon Mayer - Jason Lewis
Elyse Fisher - Emily Blunt
Christina Bellesini - Kaley Cuoco
S'rR's "Siri" Kane - Amy Smart
Kristen Laing - Rihanna
Vienna Tobin - Rose Byrne -Trill
Will Mayer - Milo Ventimiglia
Todd Mitchell - Thomas Dekker
T'Natra - Gal Gadot
T'Pan - Joan Stuart Morris
Selek - Oded Fehr
T'Laya - Whitney Cummings
T'Marc - Michelle Borth
Megan Palmer - Madeleine Stowe
Naomi Palmer - Rose McGowan
Talica Chanos - Yaya DaCosta - Bolian
Nimos Chanos - Mark Ruffalo - Bolian

* Pentaxians are almost externally identical to Humans except for the following differences:
All have ice-blonde hair and eyes with purple irises. The edges of the forehead/temples have subtle ridges. The fingernails are raised in a pointed, tented ridge and clearly identifiable as claws rather than fingernails.

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