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02-27-2013, 06:07 PM
Every time I see people talking about sexy aliens I just have to shake my head. I mean, you can get terminal diseases from relations with a human partner. How much worse would it be with someone crawling with alien bacteria to which we have no natural immunities?

In fact, that would be my biggest concern. Disease would almost certainly hit the planet on an unprecedented, pandemic level. Even if both sides took all possible precautions, the danger of contamination would always exist. There are other dangers, sure. Political instability, culture shock, communication mishaps leading to violence, advanced technology finding its way into the wrong hands... but disease would be the biggest problem by far.

Not to mention, odds are that any aliens out there won't be humanoid, nor will the communicate vocally, nor will they have a moral code that resembles our own, nor will they even see the same colours as us. First contact would mess us up in a big way, and we'd do the same to it.