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02-27-2013, 06:08 PM
Thanks for all the quick responses!

I actually posted the wrong link, I posted the link I found that I then tweaked a bit and thought it saved my changes. Sorry for any confusion but I had never used the STO skill planner before.

here's my actual link:

As to the role I wish to play, I'm trying to set it up to be able to dish out some damage while not getting blown up super easy and taking some heat of the squishier ships. Right now I only play PVE looking to maybe getting into STFs eventually but for now just playing around and completing the story missions and doing fleet actions like Starbase 24.

Thanks for the info about the EPS consoles. I do fly into combat from time to time at full impulse, however very rarely. I'll try it without those and grab another armor or 2 until I have a universal console that would be useful.

Did I see that correctly that the assimilated console is no longer available from the mission, only through the reputation system?

Regarding dropping APB: Is it better to give the damage buff to everyone with APB or to use TT1 for the shield rotation and damage buff? It seems like a no brainer to use TT1, but I thought APB would be more helpful to the whole party.

Regarding Torps: I do want to keep some torpedo damage as I find them very useful.

Maco or Borg sets may happen later on, but I haven't started with the reputation system just yet.

Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to respond to everyone