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Originally Posted by oldschooldork View Post
do you really want to know what would happen...all kidding aside? watch the beginning of the star trek:enterprise episode "in a mirror, darkly" and you'll have your answer. sad but true, it's EXACTLY what would happen.
I doubt that...first if the aliens landed today I'd think they'd have developed the notion of body armor. I mean, WE have that. You'd think they'd be a bit more careful.

If they landed in some out of the way place like "In a mirror darkly" (but sans the post nuke stuff, unless nukes start landing tonight) any humans there would more likely soil themselves, pass out or run like Jesse Owens.

Think about it, if you were the alien would you walk out of your ship to greet people you have no ill will against, but are the equivalent of cave men to you? Wouldn't you at least take a precaution against their puny weapons? I sure as hell would.