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02-27-2013, 07:37 PM
Are you using the Tetryon Glider to take advantage of the current Plasma DOT combo that drains shields while it does hull DOT?

If you don't care about that, I'd suggest dropping the set and going with Advanced and Elite equipment from your fleet. Much better.

Or, at least get the Omega Hyper-Impulse Engines MK XII, as it will probably be a better engine than what you currently have.

If I were to make an Adorian ship, I would have a similar BOFF layout as you posted, except I'd swap APO and CRF.

I cycle between APD and APO, or I save APO for when someone tries to tractor me.

As such, I end up using CRF much more often. I'd rather have the ability that I use more often dish out as much damage as possible without relying on APO.

I'd also suggest dropping the ablative armor and putting in a Tacyhokinetic Converter. You should at least try to boost your turn rate some, otherwise you'll never be able to shake off someone with a much higher turn rate than you.