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OOC: I just knew I was going to get this assignment before my name was even said.

Voporak: Suicide mission. Got it. Can do. Run in, smash stuff, leave a couple tricobalt devices in their cargo bay, and if I'm lucky live to do another suicide mission. Sounds like a plan to me. *he taps his combadge* Dorman, finish the crucial upgrades to weapon and shield systems. I just need to be able to get into that big scary looking thing alive and do some damage. Lots of it. *he taps his combadge again* Omet'etan, load all ten tricobalt devices into the deployable mine casings (that number does not include the Mark I). Set them all to maximum yield and move them to the aft torpedo bay. Prepare the crew for boarding (the crew mostly consists of M.A.C.O. teams).

*He hesitates for a moment*

In addition, keep the OPG on weapon standby if it should come to needing that. Considering it is still far from being ready, it would most likely blow out the power grid after a few shots.
James: Even our weapons just tickle them.. You might need something low tech that they won't expect...