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You know, some of us actually like the storyline, and enjoy the challenge that comes with being a low-level player in a low-level ship.
To be honest, I actually find the playstyle in low-level ships better. However, that is entirely invalidated by the fact that it is unsustainable. One must always be looking ahead. And in the grand scheme of things, only the end goal matters. Everything else is a distraction from it.

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I never understood people who powerlevel past all the interseting content a game has to offer to get the "endgame" and settle into a grind for currency and/or shinier toys. And in this game, it's way too easy to do just that.
Quite simple: Some of us can look beyond the present. We see what happens at the end. We know that everything up to that point is thus completely irrelevant. Basically everything you do at the beginning has zero relevance to the actual game. Every last ship, every last item acquired...ends up in the dumpster. It has no relevance to the actual game. As such, fooling around with it, especially when you cannot sustain it because the game will FORCE you to level whether you want it or not, is pointless. There is no option to simply STOP levelling and stay where you are. Since the outcome is thus inevitable, everything up to that point is meaningless.

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So no -- players who play solely Klingon are not spared any of the "pain" associated with grinding up a low level character...they simply have to do it in a faction that they consider themselves at war with (the enemy) first...
True, but one most only suffer through this inanity ONCE for any number of Klingons. Whereas every time you make a Fedling, you have to suffer through this inanity each and EVERY time.