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Change it again. It's not the same as being forced to target somebody. You're not locked on that person. You don't have to take actions against that target. You still have free will - you still have control.

Imagine instead - that you don't have that control. You can't target anything other than what has taunted you. That if you were able to target something else, that by the time you had, you were back to whatever taunted you.

SS3 requires you pay attention. It's a different ballpark than a taunt.
That's what I thought you were getting at, thank you for clarifying. Yes, we do not need Force Attacks. Ever. It's a much more elegant solution, though harder to design, to design a scenario where targeting an Engineer is useful.


Tactical Captains make the opponents of their team dead, or at the very least, are likely to make them much closer to dead, and through this capacity to kill must be dealt with to keep your team from existing to drive up your opponent's score. This is accomplished through resisting & repairing their damage as well as controlling their ability to attack effectively via debuffs of various flavors.

Science Captains make your team's opponent's dramatically more vulnerable to being killed while simultaneously reducing the danger that opponent Tactical Captains pose by assisting their own team with resisting the damage dealt by said Tactical Captains.

Engineering Captains are able to, themselves, resist tremendous amounts of damage, but not more than an opponent team can bring to bear on them and are otherwise reliant on the same Bridge Officer powers to support their team... the same powers available to the other two Captain types.
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