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02-28-2013, 12:06 AM
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Besides, a missile that might be perfectly capable of knocking an ICBM re-entry vehicle out of the sky won't do much for a hundred-foot-wide space rock coming in at 100,000mph.
I note further that those anti-ICBM tests only worked when the target missile could be silhouetted by a balloon; tests without a backdrop tended to end in failure. There's a reason no "success" announcement was made.

Incidentally, Obama didn't mothball anything; that was a DoD decision. The President of the United States does not micromanage every single department - that became unwieldy about the time Jefferson was elected. And, contrary to the expectations of some of our citizens on both political extremes, the President is not a king; he cannot issue royal decrees for anything that isn't properly a function of the executive. (Well, technically he can, I suppose, if he wants to have the courts overturn the order later...)

And anything an F-15 can launch, an F-18 can launch. Not an issue.

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How come scientists didn't see it coming?
Because it was small, dark, and coming from a direction other than anyone was looking - they were all watching the passing asteroid, and this chunk came in on a different trajectory. Also because nobody's funding any observatories looking for relatively small rocks headed for our planet.
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