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# 1 Atrox carrier Build critique.
02-28-2013, 01:06 AM
I'm new and don't even have it yet so be nice. 8)

This is my current proposition:

ship setup


All with Efficient for max Warp core efficiency.

Personal Passives:
Efficient Captain, Techie, Warp Theorist, Astrophysicist

Carrier pets:
Either 12x Advanced Caitan or
6x Advanced Caitian + 6x Ultra rare scorpions fighters.

Omega/Romulan bonus skills:
Medical Nanites/Hull Repairing Nanites/Rotating Weapon Frequencies/Omega Graviton Amplifier/Medical Nanite Cloud
Enhanced Personal Shield/Enhanced Shield System/Reactive Shielding/Emergency Secondary Shielding/Quantum Singularity Manipulation

I would be equiping it with:

Borg & assimilated borg set
Romulan Singularity harness
Hargh'peng Torpedo launcher

Transwarp computer
Theta radiation Vents
Tachyokinetic Converter
Subspace Jumper
Nadeon Detonator
Isometric Charge
Ionized Gase Sensor

Front Weapons:
Borg plamsa torp
Hargh'peng torp
Romulan singularity torp

Back end:
Roman singularity beam array
Kinetic cutter
XXX? Temporal Disruption device or Breen transphasic torpedo launcher?

Space Doffs:
Medic Alternative +200% crew repair raite below 75%
Nurse Alternative +x%? Crew repair rate below 75%(if not as much as medic or enough to be useful a Research lab Scientist!)
Quartermaster Alternative +100% battery time reduction.(I'm assuming this will work on the red matter capacitor. I'm hoping it is a constant reduction. if not more than normal use.)
Gravimetric Scientist
Deflector Officer Scientist

Energy layout:
I think I would keep constant 125 shields, Then whatever Aux I can get and the rest for weapons. I would have the least energy points in engines and rely on the high turn rate bonuses from the sets etc.

I was thinking for the last rear of putting in the Ferengai mine dropper or something(I think the Temporal disruption device will do!). And maybe replacing one of the consoles with the Ferngai set one for the mine damage. Not sure which one. If they ever make a retrofit Atrox I'll add the whole Ferengai set for fun. Or if I get the dreadnaught instead. The Breen Transphasic Cluster torpedo also looks very interesting. I change my mind. If they ever make an atrox with 10 slots and 8 weapons I'd do the missle launcher and console from the Ferengai set and the Breen launcher and Temporal disruption device in the back!

I was hoping to use the hargh'peng to draw clusters of torpedoes as a single target etc to make sure it hurts more. And playing with torp stuff and my little adv caitan ships to take down sheilds.

I'm not sure how much I should put into the skills for energy weapons though. I can take out the points energy weapons all together to max out the resistance hull plating skill. Or should I save it for the cutter and Romulan beam array?

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