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02-28-2013, 01:22 AM
Steamrunner is one of the few escorts that has base hull regen higher than others (it's same like sci ships 3% base instead of the regular 2,5%), and my tac captain is human, so what the hell, I thought why not try passive heal escort, especially when steammy lacks science stations. So I ported my ultra hull regen cruiser build to it, and well, it's really fun and tough like hell.

Obviously, I'm evil bastard, so I'm using subsystem engines III to pin the enemy down. Otherwise is probably pretty standard A2B build.


2x DHC, 1x Beam, 1x torpedo
2x turret, 1x mines




1x turn console, 1x SIF console, 1x neutrinum console, 1x Phaser Point Defence console (or anything really)
2x Shield regen console
4x energy type console (phaser)

All borg set (will replace shields with elite fleet regen ones)

2x maintanance doffs (those that proc +SIF/Emmiters)
3x technician