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02-28-2013, 02:25 AM
You really do need a Tac Team, and because you can only have 1, you also need 2 or 3 blue or purple Conn Officers.

I suggest you drop some of your torpedo focus. Remove Torp Spread 1 and put Tac Team 1 there. Then replace your rear quantum with another beam, or better yet, the Kinetic Cutting Beam (only requires tier 1 Omega).

Your engi consoles need work. As people have pointed out, EPS is somewhat useless unless you run Aux2Batt. A single RCS console will have a negligible effect, especially on a cruiser. I suggest you replace all 3 of these with a mixture of Neutronium and Monotanium armour consoles. In the future, these engi slots will be your dumping ground for universal consoles like the Assimilated and Zero Point Conduit.