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02-28-2013, 03:00 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
People that team up. They're not looking for a single-player game. Just because they do not want to do a prefab team doesn't mean they're looking for a single-player game.

You won't find the challenge in a PUGmade or Premade that you do rolling in a PUG. You never know what your team will have - you never know what the enemy team will have. You have to take the pieces you have to try to make them work the best against an enemy that is doing the same.

Have you never been down to the local park or gym and had a pick up game of basketball? Just a bunch of guys getting together and having a blast...might meet new friends, etc, etc, etc.

If folks are just running around in closed cliques...well, perhaps they should go find a co-op game instead of a MMO...
Most pugs are loners. When I pugmade I never have issues that most of the wankers in these forums complain about. If we face a premade and we get rolled, so ****ing what. Move on and grow up.

And btw, we've rolled premades and other pugmades in my pugmades before.

There is no challenge in queuing up solo, it's a total joke. This is coming from someone who pugged for over 2 years. You either end up with total losers who can't tie their own shoelaces or you end up with that one lone guy who normally plays on a team.

Playing with a pugmade or premade is the only way to go.

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