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02-28-2013, 04:31 AM
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The question then is desirability. With few exceptions, and assuming they don't put out "boss" ships like Borg Cubes or whatever, the Alien ships have been poor sellers.
where do you have this info from?

on the FED side, i have the Andorian pack & the Vulcan ship (which has no bridge and is just poor in useability) - given i am not ever playing my feds..

on the KDF side i have more C-store unlocks then i need, just for the consoles or design. For example the Nausicaan designs ROCK!

there also is roleplaying, and i am really looking forward to new factions and all the ships that come with it.

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And putting aside the fact that Forums are hardly the true indicator of player sentiment, ..
- i also do not agree with this statement. on the contrary. it is a perfect mix to mirror the discussions in the Zone chat. Most of the time.