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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
The problem i see to the cruisers is the lack of Dps

In addition to current powers add a bonus to energy weapon Dps for

Miracle worker +50% 30 seconds
nadon inversion beam +25% for 10 seconds
Double current power gain from emerengcy power to weapons II and III

cut the CD on fleet support to 3 minutes 2 ships no low hull requirement

The Enginners/cruisers just need more bite , especially newer players and there skills
Well I do like the idea of adding effects to the current engi skills... not sure I would get behind a Engi Alpha (+50% dmg on a heal seems a bit out to lunch)...

I would say take MW and make it a friendly cast... so you can use it as a back up oh my heal. (it used to work that way) Thinking about it some more I think it also used to cure Sub nuke... it would be nice if that was restored.

nadion I can see adding a dmg boost to... 25% might be a good idea... and why not just make it last the full 30S of nadion... its a 3min cool down anyway so I wouldn't find that crazy... I would also say perhaps give it a +10-15 weapon power to go with.

I would leave the Emergency power to skills alone... those aren't just engi skills... and if you give my Tac the option of putting Weapons 3 on a cruiser and running full shield and weapon power it would get ugly.

EPS transfer however.... I could live with a general buff to this skill... something that makes it worthwhile.... what if on top of what it does now... it provided a buff to each sub system...
Weapon --- +30 to Weapons training
Shields --- +30 Shield Subsystem
Engines --- +25% turn rate +10 current flight speed
Aux --- +30 Sci Resist skills

This wouldn't be an insane boost... it would give a nice boost to engi cruisers in turn and speed and some dmg.... it would also make a nice boost to healing if you use it on a friendly.... or a boost to a team dmg dealer. This could make engi more viable solo... and of more value to the team.
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