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Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
If there's one Starfleet unform variant I'd like to see made available on the C-store, it would be the ones from the Star Trek: Countdown prequel comic to the 2009 film.

Apparently, this particular variant was actually in the Alpha version of STO, and was for some reason taken out.

The closest equivalent currently in-game is the Sierra 1, which has poorly detailed collars and an ugly strip of hexagonal plasticky fabric just under the shoulder area.

I like them, much more than most other Cryptics made uniforms.

They look simple and elegant, perfect.

Without Cryptics typical annoying little details like Metal plates, wierd looking plastic surface, strange color discrepances or their general habit of adding too much (ugly) details that ruins the look of a uniform/ship.

I am sure IF cryptic would add them, they surely would add some little thing that ruins the whole look of it, as they always do.

Strangely i always thought them to be some dark grey, since i only know the first picture showing Captain Data.
But seeing them in black makes them look really good, which is even stranger, since i never liked the early DS9/Voy or the First Contact movie uniform.

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