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Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
Well when you pick your character type it tells you that engineers support and heal damage, so what you are saying is you picked a character that does what you don't want to do?

Might as well dump the cruiser and take an escort, the cruiser is a support and tank ship.

From the ingame descriptions of the character types at the Character Creation screen:

Survivability, support generators, and controlling the paths of enemy advance with field works. The Engineering Officer can withstand the most damage by improving the performance of their own ships, while supporting his away team with power generators or by bottlenecking the enemy's advance with defensive minefields. The Engineer's own combat effectiveness is improved by modifications to their firearms or support fire from fabricated turrets and drones.

Science Officers protect their ship and crew by weakening or incapacitating the enemy over time, creating energy fields that damage or hinder, and healing their away team from such effects. The Science Officer has the greatest potential to quickly react to a chaotic combat situation through direct enemy holds, weakening an enemy group's combat strength or resistance, or responding to an enemy attack by quickly healing damage. Science Officers' combat effectiveness depends on their versatility.

Combat damage, stealth recon, and squad tactics. The Tactical Officer can deliver damage in the widest variety of methods, while supporting his away team by drawing off enemy threat or bolstering their combat effectiveness with tactics and squad command.

I see nothing that says Engineers are healers. Only one description (directly) mentions healing and only two (directly) mentions support.

My Engineer in a Cruiser uses the Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit. Average DPS is 7,413.0 and the highest DPS in Infected Space Elite was 8,150.77. And I was not using an Auxiliary to Battery build.