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Originally Posted by mondoid View Post
The Feds may have and continue to get more ships than we get, but in the hands of a skilled player how many of them are OP compared to our ships? They wanted a battlecruiser but got 3 escorts with consoles on them that get better if have all three on one ship. Cryptic will keep pumping out pretty ships with boring stats for feds while we get one ship that was seen for less than a second on DS9 that for some reason launches black-holes for torps.

What ships they have received that are op compared to kdf... cstore ships that are faction exclusive since both sides get fleet and mirror ship versions.

Lets see..

Armitage - unique. no KDF counterpart given.
3x Vesta - Unique. no kdf counterpart given.
3x Kumari - Unique. No kdf counterpart given.
Defiant - unique. no KDF counterpart given. (5 tac console escort).
Yellowstone - unique. No KDF equivalent given.
Aquarius - copy/pasted into KDF. non-cstore but worth mentioning.

what was the KDF given in the above time frame?

Bortasqu - a copy/paste of the odyssey.
Hoh'sus BoP - copy/paste of aquarius escort.

..each of these two were copy/paste versions of the fed ship and slightly changed to make them fit a more kdf role/theme. The point is, they weren't given to KDF, they were designed first for the Fed side and ported to the KDF.

... and that's it.

So you can see, the Federation keeps receiving non-stop unique ship designs and roles and the KDF only has received two copy/pasted ships.

I don't see how you can call the fed new ship designs 'boring' . The very first escort+carrier hybrid that has unbelievable damage output potential... a mix of science/cruiser/tactical cruiser ship with extremely powerful consoles plus heavy cannons... 5-gun for escorts with special weapon consoles... the only cstore acquirable 5-tac console escort... and a runabout with very nifty abilities and consoles that makes the Vault a breeze.

We get... oh wait we got nothing 'new' in design.

KDF ships USED to be good and unique because the consoles the ships in the KDF came with gave them that uniqueness. Lockboxes however have already given the federation almost all of the KDF unique consoles and in return the KDF has gained nothing but trash consoles. The good consoles in fed ships are in the tier 5 vessels, all the kdf good consoles are under tier 5.

Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
I think that's part of the problem why you're not getting too many exclusive ships: Your free ships are so good that Cryptic hasn't been able to come up with ones that satisfy you enough to be worth buying.
BS. They come up with new ship designs (and im not talking looks im talking capability.. aka escort carrier? lance-weapon like capable escort? cruiser-sci-tac cruiser ship with aux cannons?) for one side they can do it for the other. The real reason they dont do it is their bias towards the Fed side.

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