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02-28-2013, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by colonelmarik View Post
Personally, I'd be for removing tractor beams entirely as a combat system. That's not what they're designed for. In the entire nearly 50 years of Star Trek, we've seen the tractor beam used in combat ONCE (well, maybe twice).

Here, they're bloody everywhere, and they're death rays too, doing thousands of damage per second (in the hands of NPCs), right past your shields.

But then, they don't care whether it's like Star Trek, they just want more magic powers!

The Borg used tractor beams offensively on a regular basis throughout canon to paralyze targets, strip away shields, and just flat-out rip ships apart.

The Defiant used a modded tractor beam in a defensive maneuver to futz with a Klingon cruiser's targetting systems.

And I've seen more than one instance of ships using tractor beams to slingshot objects.

If anything, we should have a BOff ability that uses a tractor beam to fling stuff at a targeted enemy.