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02-28-2013, 07:15 AM
-auto loot should auto need rather than leaving i line if boxes. having to exit shooter mode to clear screen clutter breaks flow and immersion.

fix the dssv models that leave the warp nacelles & pylons floating separate from the hull

logical ship characteristics.
- agility/acceleration should be based on rational physical factors of the ships size/weight against engine output, not by the power of myth & magic.

ship components
- give them a meaning beyond the superficial
if its smaller make it lighter
if it looks sturdier/heavier make it so

make grenades etc bounce off cover shields and walls rather than pass through them

change the 'orbital strike' ability to 'overload weapon battery' and have it work like a powerful grenade with different effects based on the weapon you are holding.

fleet command galaxy, (a cruiser/carrier) the thing had the biggest shuttle bay in the federation, when faced with enemies using fighters, its the most obvious candidate to be given a carrier role.

the incomplete weapon sets like phased tetryon, retrofit phaser and polarised tetryon should be manufacturable at memory alpha at mk 12vr grade if for large amounts of dil and data samples and a high research skill.

NPC AI for a gun game
nothing ruins immersion than having a blatantly out of place myth & magic mmo AI, in a gun game. all this leads to is dead doffs & chuckles the spider clown enemies running through the middle of your party for apparent lols
and would be much better than giving the enemy boss a TPK launcher.

make the cover mechanic work consistently and the npc's actually use it.

something to experiment with could be combat away missions using a squad tactical game type as was popular with games like ufo.

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