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02-28-2013, 08:21 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
Do you now, and why would that be? Fact is the guy was making a video tutorial, it would be different if he had been interfering with others to make his video, he wasn't. True enough he could beam out, switch instances etc. but why should he have too, why should he be the one to have to run away? Why is it always the normal players who to give ground to idiots trying to ruin someone else's enjoyment? When will it be enough, when only the friggin morons are left playing the game?
He moved away from these jerks and that should have been enough of a hint that their little game wasn't appreciated, yet they kept following him around to continue their stupidity in what is to me a clear rule violation.
That you would even try to compare this thread to what these guys were doing makes me very suspicious.
Yeah, theres no reason for this guy to have to accomodate a pair of imbeciles. I don't know why people always say "you could go to another instance" or whatever when they get riled up by tools clearly trying to screw with them.

Humiliate the bozos, let everyone know what jerks they are. Maybe they'll grow up.