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Originally Posted by remairtamec View Post
While I'm here there's a few other questions I have:
- Is it possible to link a trigger to a specific point in a branched dialogue? i.e. to have a shield disappear if you pick option B. I know how to work around it using intractable objects instead but would be easier if this was possible.
It is possible with map dialog boxes. You can use the Dialog Prompt Reached trigger to tie an object's state to a specific dialog box within a dialog tree in a map dialog. Note: this is the only dialog type that this trigger works with. You can't tie a map dialog to the storyboard directly, but you can use an object tied to an objective to also trigger a component complete to activate the map dialog.

- Is it possible to make area triggers appear and disappear? I'm mostly wanting this as I want one dialogue to pop up at the end of the map if the player has made decision A earlier, or a second one to pop up if they make decision B. Right now I've managed to get it so that one of two contacts appear, giving different dialogue, but I can't force the dialogue to appear, the player has to decide to talk to one.
Unfortunately, reach markers lack state transitions. What may work for you is the buttons in dialog boxes DO have state transitions. So you have a normal dialog box with two identical looking choices. One is made visible if you choose one thing, the other is made visible if you choose differently. Both outcomes exist in the same dialog tree.

- Can you set up a map so that only the player(s) are allowed to spawn with no Boffs? Such as what happens in non-hostile areas such as the spacedock/academy. This is looking ahead to an idea I have for a future map that would be a lot better without Boffs confusing things.
Official answer is no.

The unofficial answer is that we (foundry authors) have discovered a quirk in the way pathing is generated. When pathing is calculated it ignores objects that have triggers attached. The theory is that if you spawn the player on top of a platform that at some point becomes invisible, the pathing will not see the platform and the BOs will drop trhough. It practice though it's incredibly tricky to get to work right and we haven't had the greatest success replicating this result.


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