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Hello STO Devs and players,

I would like to propose the limited replacement of Task Force Omega. I say limited as the two fleets would remain on the map but all functions and contacts would be moved to Starbase Omega. Yes, that is the original ESD from the launch of the game. Place it at the location of TFO and have the two fleets orbiting it. Place the Omega shop in there as well. You would still need to unlock the store items via the reputation system but, would need to go to the shop to purchase it (I leave it to the Devs to work out the specifics). Lets get some functionality back to the maps that have been slowly drying up like a lake in a Texas drought. Any thoughts on this?
I like that idea.

I always thought that the old Spacedock was a nice looking Starbase, but just not right one for earth orbit.
Placing that Starbase to Battlegroup Omega is a good idea IMo.
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