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Originally Posted by crypticfrost View Post
I have put in a request for Foundry authors to be able to get credit for playing their own missions. It is currently under consideration. I ask that you please try to be patient.
Saddly, 10 days and two patches later, and still no word on giving us back our rewards. I have been trying to be patient, and feel I have been more than patient. This is something that must be fixed. It will not be long before more people realize that the authors are being treated as free, expendable, labor. I am not a waitress here to work for less than minimum wage, and limited gratuity. (standard Dil reward = minimum wage in STO, and limiting the tip is limited gratuity)

There is absloutly no advantage for an author to play their own mission; therefore, there is no reason to take away our rewards for doing our own missions. We got rewarded before and there is no reason for this to be taken away from us intentionally. The author's time to complete their own missions was never factored into the average completion time for qualification and should not be, but this never stopped us from gaining equal rewards for playing our own missions in the past.

If this is any indication of how the authors will be treated in Neverwinter, I for one, and many others, will not play it. I have played both former Neverwinter titles for years as a custom content creator. I stayed with STO because of the foundry and my MMO loyalty has been with PW/Cryptic because of this and the release of Neverwinter. I am very worried about this action taken by PW. This is going to have long term effects that many of you may not see clearly right now. This is big time, not some small bug that you have time to waste correcting.

When the servers go back up today, I will be taking all of my foundry missions down. I will be encouraging other authors to do the same. I will be actively talking with many people, players and authors about this. I have 2 very active fleets that I lead and we all have been patient. It has been a bad feeling to log into this game since the patch that "ninjaed" our rewards away. Nothing was ever mentioned in the origional patch notes, which made me feel this was just an oversight in the code. After seeing PWs responses on this thread and the lack of correcting this, I am becoming convinced that this is intended and that worries me a lot.

I really hope you all take this seriously, as players, authors, developers and marketers. This is a HUGE mistake for this game, this company, and the future of community authored things in both STO and Neverwinter. If you all need help with your code, Cryptic, let me know. I am sure many of us in the community, including myself have the skills and degrees to make your code work properly.

EDIT: Some changes can take more time to investigate, consider and decide on a course of action, then implement it if it is decided on. Frost mentioned he has passed along the request, and he has, and it's being considered by the decision makers. If more information is available, he will post about it, but in the meantime, please be patient Thanks for understanding! ~BranFlakes

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