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02-28-2013, 07:34 AM
- Is it possible to make area triggers appear and disappear? I'm mostly wanting this as I want one dialogue to pop up at the end of the map if the player has made decision A earlier, or a second one to pop up if they make decision B. Right now I've managed to get it so that one of two contacts appear, giving different dialogue, but I can't force the dialogue to appear, the player has to decide to talk to one.
AFAIK, reach (area) markers (triggers) are always on the map.

If you want to popup different dialogs, use 2 map-popup-dialog-bubbles. both hidden.

If you do option A show map-popup-dialog-bubble A
If you do option B show map-popup-dialog-bubble B

This would happen instantly after making the decision. To avoid this give the map-popup-dialog-bubble 2 triggers. Now you have to fire 1 for the option AND 1 for "end of map"-reached. But they both have to be the same type, or you can not combine them with AND.
(see trigger topic: