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I've been playing around with the foundry making my first project and for the most part is seems to be going well (thank you so much KirkFat and Hav for your video tutorials). The main problem I am having right now is I have a ground mission set on a ship (using one of the Generic Ship Interior maps), but every time my away team touch any object they despawn. This can be objects I have placed such as consoles, or the map assets themselves (such as the walls of the corridors). They are removed from my party list but try to respawn a few seconds later only to instantly despawn again. Is this a known issue or is something wrong with my map?

While I'm here there's a few other questions I have:
- Is it possible to link a trigger to a specific point in a branched dialogue? i.e. to have a shield disappear if you pick option B. I know how to work around it using intractable objects instead but would be easier if this was possible.
- Is it possible to make area triggers appear and disappear? I'm mostly wanting this as I want one dialogue to pop up at the end of the map if the player has made decision A earlier, or a second one to pop up if they make decision B. Right now I've managed to get it so that one of two contacts appear, giving different dialogue, but I can't force the dialogue to appear, the player has to decide to talk to one.
- Can you set up a map so that only the player(s) are allowed to spawn with no Boffs? Such as what happens in non-hostile areas such as the spacedock/academy. This is looking ahead to an idea I have for a future map that would be a lot better without Boffs confusing things.
It's a known issue with the editor for the BOffs and NPC's to vanish due to pathing issues. The only way to truly test out if there are any pathing errors is by publishing the mission and testing it there.

1. If it's story specific dialogue, then the triggers can only be set to occur at the mission points in between the dialogues (Objective Complete or Objective In Progress). If you're using a pop-up dialogue on the map, then you can set the triggers to occur when a specific dialogue option is chosen/reached.

2. Area triggers can't be set to appear or disappear, but they can be set to multiple objects. For your scenario in particular, I'd say it's a better idea to have the contact appear with a dialogue prompt (Dialog Prompt Reached) using a popup dialogue placed directly on the map. You can have that triggering dialogue appear in between a story dialogue and a mission prompt so that it appears without a break in the story.

If you don't want them to spawn right away, another way is to have both contacts appear on the trigger, but set one to go back to hidden on "Dialog Reached" A and the other on "Dialog Reached" B. That way, the opposing contact will never spawn on the marker.

3. I've been trying to perfect this. As markhawkman said, it's a little buggy.

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