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02-28-2013, 07:48 AM
While the info on Mem Alpha sound impressive at first sight, it's probably still short of what an actual Photon Torpedo could do (somewhere in the hundreds of gigatons)

Originally Posted by Mem Alpha
The second type warhead was loaded with a maximum yield of only 1.5 kilograms of antideuterium. Due to the premixed reactants, the released energy per unit time is greater than the result of a rupture in a storage pod containing 100 cubic meters of antideuterium. The torpedo had a dry mass of 247.5 kilograms. (pg. 129, 68 referenced) By using standard physics calculations, a payload of 1.5 kilograms equals to about 64 megatons. The second type, at maximum yield, achieves the level of destructive force of an antimatter pod rupture. Antimatter is stored as liquid or slush on starships. (pg. 69) Density of mere liquid antideuterium is around 160 kilograms per cubic meter. According to this comparison the high annihilation rate energy release would be comparable to about 690 gigatons.
So I'd say this weapon could become the energy weapon counterpart to the 'Peng torpedo.
Nice, but can't be buffed by any kind of tactical abilities like "Rapid Fire".