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02-28-2013, 07:57 AM
I actually hold two accounts on STO ~ the second to provide a playing partner for guests (family and friends) and also to help with Foundry Projects.

The first...

Y4ArtU ~ aka Jason 'Nemesis' Journey (don't ask! The legacy of those names is complicated :-) flies a variety of ships all named after specific medical illnesses, conditions, or causes of my significant disabilities and this is a way of laughing at my condition, so...

Atrox Carrier ~ USS Neuroborreliosis ~ Tertiary Lyme Disease
Stealth Fighter ~ USS Borrelia ~ The Bacterial Spirochete responsible
Shuttle ~ USS Spirochete ~ The generic for Borrelia

Other ships include:- USS Lymphocytosis, USS Tetra-Paresis, USS Paresthesia, USS Ataxia, USS Hylar-Infarct, USS Polycythemia, and USS Triple-Infection (a Multi-Vector Advanced Escort = Three hulls).

New ships tend to be named after their class until I think of a suitable name and also names get reallocated around the ships once in a while but; all ships are numbered NX-96669-(X) which reflects exactly how often the number 666 has featured in my life :-)

Hence, my most recent acquisition, an Andorian Kumari Escort triple pack is temporarily named USS Kumari T5E4S2 to remind me how many slots it has ~ As an aside, the weapon layout for this escort makes for interesting configurations and tactics. I have developed two methods depending upon the situation ~ first Blast through doing as much damage as possible and out the other side to repair and then repeat, or; Stand-off at extreme range and maintain a maximum power and rate of fire barrage to overwhelm the defences. This is tailored by the weapons and slots configuration. Incidentally, I carry the 3 Kumari universal units in the Tactical tray slots.

My second 'Guest' account ~ Jason 'Nemesis' Aeson's ships are very boring and named USS Argo-A, or B, or C, or D, &c... ~ In Greek Argonaut mythology, Aeson was Jason's father.