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02-28-2013, 08:29 AM
KDF players are used to taking it with no lube when Craptic introduces new ships. Its just a part of the game, like the myrid bugs that are exclusive to the KDF side we have to work around every day.

To this day they haven't fixed the Varanus science vessel, the cut and paste Fed Vulcan version. ((Remember when it was on the Tribble server and it said Varanus in the ship description? Whoops. Although when the Feds cried about its problems they got hotfixed, while our version still hasn't been touched/fixed yet.))

Craptic caters to Feds. Period. I don't think they understand if they'd fix the ongoing problems with the KDF, more people would play that side, buy more from the Zen store, hence making them more money.

I'm going to laugh so hard when they release the Romulans as a 1/4 faction, less than what we have now...
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