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02-28-2013, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by pantsmaster916 View Post
Oh come on...

You must realize you're in the VAST minority by claiming that the Borg are "too easy" or "pathetic", right?

Besides, Borticus is only talking about one-shots here, which I think even the elitists like yourself can claim are a freakin' joke.
I've been asking for a 3rd "real elite" difficulty level with many other forum users for some time now. Since season 7 actually. But as long as we don't have that nerfing the WEAKEST npcs in game just makes no sense to me. Even Starbase 24 is more challenging that infected space "elite", in a way, if you're trying to solo a specific area.

I'm not saying one shots sould exist (it happens to me on very rare occasions), I'm saying that if the borg lose something then they should be given something in return.