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It is important to note that there are two independent, but related bodies here. The United Federation of Planets, and Starfleet.

The Federation is like the UN. Each subsidiary nation (or world in this case) can, and likely does, still have it's own means of production, and it's own ships. (Vulcan, Andorian, Caitian, etc.).
However, Starfleet is like NATO, it's an intergovernmental military force. Unlike NATO, Starfleet is the military wing of the UFP. Starfleet ships are what we are used to seeing (all the enterprises, etc.), but they are not the only ships within the Federation.
I think Starfleet has always been described as something more integrated than NATO. Starfleet is a Federation organisation, while NATO is a military alliance. The UN is a diplomatic forum while the Federation is an actual state with a government and citizenship.

I think the better approach with the Vulcan and Andorian designs is just to regard them as Starfleet ships from a different aesthetic tradition. The show had a limited budget and homocentricity (and ease of storytelling) meant that we mainly saw the Human side of Starfleet. The game has the ability to show this differently.

The D'Kyr should just be by default a Starfleet ship made by Vulcan shipyards; the Kumari the same by Andorians.

It opens up the possibility of expanding the variety of existing Starfleet ships. You could put a ring-warp-drive on the Deep Space Science Vessels and they'd look pretty natural for example...

And if you argue that that's not what was shown on Trek... well the racial diversity of Starfleet in STO is about a million times higher than the show ever portrayed too, but nobody complains.