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02-28-2013, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Can you imagine a game that had a Capture The Flag map where the Flag Runner was allowed to be completely invisible with no max duration?

I can't. So I removed it from STO today.

Players in possession of the Virus on Shanty Town will find themselves unable to activate Stealth abilities until they get rid of the Virus. Or die.

I'm hoping this change makes it to Tribble this week.
Well, it looks like assault has gone from a game of out thinking your opponent to a straight arena match. Part of the challenge of the game was defending the defense post and watching for cloaked players at the rear flank. It made for some interesting matches. Cloak under stealth module wasn't perfect with the virus anyway. It emits the high pitch virus sound Fx and the virus runner is partially visible at higher graphic levels. And to block all stealth abilities? That means no stealth module, no omega force distortion field, and no ambush. Any tactical officer with the operative kit would be crippled if they picked up the virus. Half of their kit abilities would be blocked. Wouldn't buffing the turret perception level to that of an elite tactical drone on the elite difficulty solve this problem? They can see through cloak at close range and it wouldn't cripple operative tactical officers.

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