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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Spock's ship in Star Trek 2009 (the jellyfish) was built by Vulcans and designed in large part by Geordi La Forge during a break he took from Starfleet and was, hence, not a Starfleet ship.

Just a side note as I've seen discussion on the point:

I believe the STO timeline for Geordi goes something like this and does deviate from the novels: Served on the Enterprise-E for around 6-7 years after Nemesis and married a widowed Leah Brahms, having three kids with her. Geordi took an assignment to resurrect Data by overwriting B4. This was an assignment at the Soong Institute that Bruce Maddox quit in disgust over because it violated B4's rights. Geordi was blinded by his desire to see his friend again. In the end they saved B4 by backing him up to a holodeck but Data was deeply upset with Geordi. Geordi, depressed, quit Starfleet and his marriage fell apart. He was pulled in by Spock to design the Jellyfish for the Vulcan Science Council. He decided to resume his Starfleet career and took command of the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Challenger, where he married his (still unnamed) chief engineer and they served together as husband and wife. He is theoretically still in command of the Challenger to this day after around 15 years of service there.
None of that is canon because it was in a comic book, even the writers of the movie have said this.

So based on what was seen in Star Trek XI, the Jellyfish is completely Vulcan.