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02-28-2013, 09:47 AM
Thanks for all the advice/help!

Just an update I have since dropped APB, and have that Boff now setup with TT1 and FAW2 as Toiva had suggested. Regarding my Eng consoles, I knew that this was something that needed work. I have since swapped one of the EPS for another Neutronium armor.

smokeybacon90 - you had suggested setting up the Eng consoles as a mix of Neutronium and Monotanium armors. How would you suggest splitting it? 50/50 or 3 X Neutronium and 1 X Monotanium? Also would this lead to diminishing returns on the armors?

How are the Sci consoles? Is 2 Field Generators the way to go or should I swap one for a shield regen console?

Regarding a 7th beam, I had been thinking of picking one up and also had my eye set on the kinetic cutting beam once I get started with the reputation system.

I had been thinking of picking up the assault refit if they ever have a ship sale again. What has been the opinion on the Wide Angle Quantum Launcher?

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