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02-28-2013, 09:52 AM
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That's a fair point but if they add the Borg they will most likely add the renegade borg ship from 'decent' which will solve the problem as its so different in appearance and easier to rationalise how and why someone might fly one. its not in the game yet so its something new and a somewhat interesting design.

the other problem with a cube of sphere is a player would have no idea what direction they are facing, so the whole fore and aft weapon systems goes out the window.
True. Borg should be left as enemy - how about a Undine BO? That would be cool. Didn't Harry kim fall for one of the Undine girls?

We could have some Undine doffs as well.

There was even more Undine that were in favor of helping the Humans than there were any Borg.

But I still think a Hybrid Anti-proton weapon pack in the box would be a big hit - people are still miffed that they were taken away from the Omega system.