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02-28-2013, 10:12 AM
CTF matches are intended to be Team Play events: One person carries, while their team assists/defends. In fact, it's frequent in other games that have CTF-like matches that the Carrier can't even attack and/or has a Speed Debuff, further highlighting this design principle.

The fact that the entire Shanty Town match could be won by a lone wolf Stealther running the Virus back-and-forth without being seen, was broken. It broke the intended gameplay mechanics, and it caused the associated team mechanics to be irrelevant.

If Operative-Tacs just became subpar Flag Carriers as a result of this change, I'm certain they'll still be outstanding defenders of those that do choose to carry in their stead. Especially with the potential damage output the Operative Kit still offers via Ambush. A team of a Doctor-Sci or EquipTech-Eng, escorted by 2-3 Op-Tacs... well, that sounds like a mighty fearsome Virus Escort team, don't you think?
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