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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
They kindof are in that they have eradicated scarcity.
I've seen no evidence of that. While I'd like to believe the *ideals purported* by TNG, the sad fact is that TNG followed *one* ship which is supposed to represent the ideals of the Federation. But DS9 showed us that the Federation does run on a supply lines: Why are there *so* many cargo ships going to and from? Why does the Federation care if their worlds get cut off from most other worlds as the Dominion war rages?

In a peaceful situation, the Federation may have enough resources to adequately please most of its citizens, but its apparent it cant do that *and* fight a war.
Replicators don't require finite resources to operate.
They do; If you pay attention in DS9, its implied. Voyager outright stated it, but abandoned it later because Voyagers writers didn't seem to care.
In TOS, you had dilithium as scarce. But by TNG, dilithium was shifted to become infinitely replenishable
Because they learned how to reconstitute it after the Dilithium was worn out; This is similar to how thorium reactors today work; 95% of a "spent" fuel rod is still usable fuel, but because of how the reaction produces homogenized pockets non-fissionable material, a steady reaction can no longer be maintained in it. Part of thorium reactor design is to create a reaction chain which allows a fuel rod to be usable for a longer time before you have to resort to figuring out a way to separate out the non-fissionable material (Yay for longwinded examples).
I know some people think that's just silly and that Trek needs to stay more grounded in a modern mentality but I really think a key to strong sci-fi work is being forced to incorporate unreasonable or unrelatable ideas.
As I stated before, Good Fiction only breaks as many rules as necessary. If the Federation was really post-scarcity, they could just build giant replicators, churn out as many ships as they need to kick whoever's ass and be done with it. But that didn't happen in the Dominion war, or even the tensions that arose between the Klingons and Romulans in TNG. TNG purported the ideals and aspirations of the Federation, but that doesn't mean they were *there*.

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