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02-28-2013, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by altechachan View Post
Hey elem, what ship and career are you using? Weapons, equips, and BOffs would be helpful to know too.
Ok well I have not spent any money on the game so far, just trying it out because I was testing another Cryptic game and when I found out they also did STO I decided to try it in off times when testing was not taking place. Can't really say much else about that as I am under an NDA agreement.

So all I have is the free ship you get at level 10, its a science vessel and all I have for crew are the ones given to me for free. The ship itself is equipped with the best things I could find as I did the various missions, patrols, etc leading up to the Briar Patch mission.

I really like STO so far but this one mission seems a bit frustrationg when they take out my shields so fast there is no possible way to keep them up for more then a minute or two. In fact the only way I can destroy any ship in that nebulae is if I run away from it and launch mines as fast as I can and the enemy ship runs into them because they are chasing me. That way at least I only need to keep my rear shield up and it seems like that is somewhat manageable.