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Originally Posted by jeffel82 View Post
Agreed that this is the best way to conceptualize it. On the in-game map, all Federation "territory" may be coloured blue, but it would be more accurate to have a series of blue circles around each Federation system against a black backdrop representing, er, "international waters."

You're right, but there is no real-world equivalent to either the Federation or Starfleet. The Federation has its own government and citizenship, but it's also clear from the shows that each member state has its own government.

It'd be like citizens of countries who are UN members having "UN citizenship" in addition to the citizenship of their own nation, and all member states disbanding or combining their military into one multinational armed force under a UN flag. Although I think it's been established that UFP member states can and do handle their own internal security (oddly, Earth seems to be the exception to this - it's given pretty much everything over to the UFP).

Edit: Upon further thought, I suppose the USA is a reasonable analogue for the UFP.

I think a better example might be the Russian Federation; a series of autonomous republics with their own cultures, traditions and governments.
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