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02-28-2013, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by kyuui13 View Post
The game is definitely DPS centric, there is no doubt on that. My main gripe, DPS, gets crits, Heals do not. Not only that, why is is I'm "engaging the enemy" when I heal? Seriously? I do heal, but it hardly ever gets commented on, by anyone anymore. Honestly, I've contemplated just not playing that character anymore.
That's a great point. Heals vs Crits/DPS
There's really no comparison. My Engineer toon is useless and I only play the toon to grind stuff. Unless you have a tac toon or LIVE TO HEAL (IN TEAMS and STF ALL DAY) the game as it currently composed is very dull and boring...unless you have a Tac toon.