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Originally Posted by elemberq333 View Post
Ok well I have not spent any money on the game so far, just trying it out because I was testing another Cryptic game and when I found out they also did STO I decided to try it in off times when testing was not taking place. Can't really say much else about that as I am under an NDA agreement.

So all I have is the free ship you get at level 10, its a science vessel and all I have for crew are the ones given to me for free. The ship itself is equipped with the best things I could find as I did the various missions, patrols, etc leading up to the Briar Patch mission.

I really like STO so far but this one mission seems a bit frustrationg when they take out my shields so fast there is no possible way to keep them up for more then a minute or two. In fact the only way I can destroy any ship in that nebulae is if I run away from it and launch mines as fast as I can and the enemy ship runs into them because they are chasing me. That way at least I only need to keep my rear shield up and it seems like that is somewhat manageable.
so you play neverwinter. and wanted to try out Star trek stuff.

What Mark is your equipment? by level 10 you can equip upto upto Mk IV stuff. also, what other equipment (consoles) are you using and what power settings do you have?

different types of shields work better for different enemies. especially if they got energy damage mitigators on them. like klingons if i recall, thats mainly disruptor based energy. so try to find a mk IV shield with the [Dis] modifier on it. for a sci ship, i'd recommend a Covariant shield mainly since sciense ships have higher shield modifiers thus bigger numbers.

Also, another factor is your bridge officer poiwers. also you can find cheap rare bridge officers on the exchange which means if your ships missing spots you can easily and cheaply fill them.

having skills like hazard emitters, engineering team, emergency power to shields, trasfer shield strength and sci team all heal your hull or shields, which means you survive longer. polarize hulls pretty good too since it boosts your hull's resistance so when your shields are down you'll take a little less damage.
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