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02-28-2013, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by pmarek View Post
did somebody test or does somebody know what is the (non-resilient) shields absorption of kinetic damage?
With energy weapons 90% damage hits the shields, 10% damage hits the hull.
With kinetic weapons X% damage hits the shields, 10% damage hits the hull, and Y% damage is absorbed.

I was unabe to find anywhere values for the X and Y (neither on wiki nor here on forums).
Can somebody help?

If shields are up, regardless of damage type, 10% of the hit will bleed-through to the hull (5% if the target has a resilient shield).

Kinetic damage against shields (IE the part of the hit that is applied to shields while a target's shields are still up) is reduced by a huge amount (off the top of my head I believe it's 80% but I'm not completely certain). Non-kinetic damage is applied normally to shields.