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02-28-2013, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by suprcheese View Post
Yeah, they're even called in the code, and I quote directly, "Star Trek 11 DO NOT USE!!!"
That may be true, but that's because the franchise is effectively now split into two sub-franchises: Trek Classic and New Trek.

The uniforms in Countdown (which as an aside is an absolutely horrendous thing to call a comic tie-in, very much akin to calling a brand new luxury liner Titanic) are from the universe of Trek Classic, the licensing for them shouldn't be any harder to obtain than the various references to the Pocket Books continuities, such as Akaar and the Luna Class or the numerous references to Rihannsu and stuff from the Deep Space Nine books.

There was that long debacle with the Vesta, but that was mostly tied up negotiations between the designer and CBS/Cryptic. There shouldn't be nearly as much difficulty in obtaining the license to utilize a Starfleet uniform from a tie-in miniseries that is effectively recognized as canon.

And yeah, I'd prefer these over Sierra 1 as well. Much cleaner looking and a more believable evolution of the uniforms introduced in Star Trek First Contact.

As for Cryptic's propensity to overdecorate the player's attire, yeah, a lot of these uniforms are incredibly busy looking. Jupiter 5 for example looks like it has massive overall straps.

The Jupiter Veteran's probably the best and most future Starfleet looking uniform in the game IMHO, which is probably why you see increasing numbers of Starfleet NPC's sporting it. But only if you're willing to subscribe for over a year to get it. Or fork over 200+ in cash to get it immediately during a Lifetimer promotion.