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02-28-2013, 12:00 PM
*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson. Matt is staring at the viewscreen, absent-mindedly. Will turns to him, concerned.*

Will: Sir?

Matt: Sorry. I was just thinking.

She was 29, Will. 29.

I just wish that I could see her one last time...

Will: Sir, the fate of Earth is at stake.

Matt: My mind's on the job, Will.

*Kazaran Cluster. The Cylinder has almost reached the last hurdle of the Maw: two Singularities so close together that the lights on the Cylinder are being warped 2 ways toward both Gravity Wells. The Cylinder will have to turn around the singularities to avoid the extreme hull stress the two black holes would cause.

Sam's Cell. Sam is feeling along the oval-bump-patterned wall for some kind of switch or anything to let her out of the room. Suddenly, she sees a flash in her mind: two red demonic eyes staring at her. The flash only lasts a second, but it's enough to make Sam release a short, muffled cry of terror. She shakes her head before she hears quiet, light mechanical whirring, as the Synthesiser Chips opened the passageway and Sam 2 walked in. As Sam 2 looked to her right, Sam sneaked through the passageway from her left.

In the corridor, she tried to find a way into the Maintenance Tunnels, assuming the ship even had them.*

Sam 2: Oh no you don't!

*Sam 2 kicks Sam's back before picking her up by the collar and throwing her back into the room. Sam managed to catch herself as she stumbled to the floor.

Sam 2 approaches her and the chamber seals behind her. She kicks Sam in the gut, causing her to turn over, before picking her up again and slamming her into a wall, pinning her arms while a set of restraints formed around Sam's wrists.

Sam 2 steps away, before punching Sam across the face with a right cross, causing her body to go momentarily limp while restraints formed around her ankles.*

I wouldn't want you to miss the show.

*The Cylinder makes it out of the Cluster, going into high-warp towards Earth.*
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