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02-28-2013, 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
The game has an autoleveling mechanism built in so I think the argument that players would get disoriented is pure BS.
Frankly it won't take anything at all away from the game to let space craft act like space craft.
Yes there has been a tall ships feeling to the flights of these ships but there are plenty of scenes in the TV series and the movies of ships going inverted to give an angle to fire, the Defiant spiraling like a fighter jet, the Enterprise E inverting to protect its dorsal shield while firing at the underside of a So'na ship, the Alt universe Galaxy going vertical to bring it's phaser lance to bear on a Klingon ship.
Now it might be said that there are no roll controls built in, but there are pitch controls and the artificial limit to pitch angles doesn't need to exist. A ship being able to pitch to inverted then autoleveling out it would not only not detract from the game, it would look damn cool.
Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
lol at the disoriented argument.
if that was true then everything from eve all the way back to colony wars & g-police would have had a lot of players lost in space.

to be honest im not too fussed about the tied to horizontal thing, changing it would probably require a lot of coding to provide the 6dof environment.

for now i would rather they made some kind of link between a ships size & weight vs its engine & power rather than 'because magic'.

There have been plenty of games, space combat or otherwise that have had more freedom of movement and while at first it take a bit of getting used to it adds so much more to a game. Prior to the CGI revolution it simply wasn't practical for a ship on a tv series to have such a dynamic range of motion. Studio models were big and really not that durable. That's why in the later series and movies we see this move from straight in line fighting to all out combat in a more fluid and dynamic means.

They have adjusted the pitch limit before, and if nothing else there is no reason why they can adjust it again so that we can go vertical or near vertical instead of having to "corkscrew" up and down.

If they made it so ships were linked to a size/speed ratio then everyone would end up flying escorts because a ships turn rate is limiting enough already.