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So I'm making a mission where the player reaches a certain area and an explosion happens. I went through tutorials and have triggers down very well, everything is set up correctly, this is how I have it set up.

The player reaches a place holder. Once the place holder is reached the states of the camera shaking explosion effect becomes "visible" as well as an FX Explosion 01 and it works perfectly. However, in the preview when I first play the map, an explosion sound effect happens right when I spawn onto the map.

So to be able to tell if it was coming from the camera shaking explosion or the visual fx one, I did trial and error. First I deleted the camera shaking one, tested it, explosion sound still happened. So I put it back in then deleted the visual fx, sound was gone. So I check over the states and everything looked good, so then I swapped out the visual large explosion (explosion 01) for the smaller explosion (explosion 02) via the button that says "object" rather than deleting it and placing the smaller one in there(just to be able to tell whether it was something I was doing wrong, or something bugged with the effect) and that worked fine. It was essentially the same exact thing, set up the same exact way, thus I came to the conclusion that there may be a bug with FX- Explosion 01.

Is this something that just happens in the preview editor or is there something wrong with the effect? Because I have a bunch of things with triggers and they all work like a dream, also keep in mind that you can't see the explosion when the first sound effect happens, yet with trial and error I figured that the visual explosion is what's causing it. Out of all the things that I have with triggers, this is the only thing that does that.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a work around? Is it something that I shouldn't worry about in the preview editor?