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Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
This could work, but I worry about introducing more items such as modules that take up inventory and bank space. I would rather have a UI screen that has this functionality without having to carry around modules.
Yea. that is my thinking but also could allow people to be "component" crafters. You might get a player who craft a bunch of [CTH] modules (random from common to purple)

I figure the "random" factor STO might go for.

You get a UI. Crafting skill increase

you can pick your base crafting
[damage type] + [weapon] + [MK level] + [modifier] and it will give you the mat requirement.
If you add more "optional" then you have a higher mat requirement.

Now the random part to "prevent" flood of purple gear. The basic craft will be green (70%) and 29% of blue with 1% chance purple) for the same mats

I personally would do away with unreplicated materials (can be cash back in for Dilithium) and just use Dilithium as mat (like everything else)
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