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02-28-2013, 02:07 PM
Originally Posted by ussfury View Post
The OP is talking about, what is essentially, a flight sim.

Perhaps for the fighters, but aside from a little pitching and yawing (even as evidenced by capital ships in the shows) we will be getting naval warfare.

Or perhaps submarine warfare is more apt.

Aside form small ships on the show (Defiant, Jem'hadar fighters,etc.) I have never seen a large ship loop the loop or do a barrel roll.

I think the space combat feels just fine.
We have however seen a Galaxy pull a flat spin while negotiating an asteroid field. (TNG 3x06, "Booby Trap") But that can be pulled off in-game with judicious use of the throttle and abilities like Aux2Dampeners.

Roddenberry wanted the space combat in TOS to feel like submarine warfare. "Balance of Terror" being based on movies like "The Enemy Below" and "Run Silent, Run Deep" really set the standard, which has been stuck to more or less since.