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02-28-2013, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by satanailofhwbg View Post

*Probe duty in my vocabulary means killing the cube, the nanites and transformer, while waiting for the probes next spawn.
This is only possible as a Tac captain in a escort - with very high DPS - can you do this with 3 probes coming in a crusier as an Eng or Sci Captain?

That's the problem with ESTF - the optionals are geared toward high DPS

I can handle 3 probes with my Fleet excel eng - but it's tough - I don't have the speed or dps to handle a cube, gens,trans and get back to probes in time to make sure they don't get through.

However, I can take a whole gate down while hanging around inside it at point blank range without ever dropping below 90% hull.

So should I be forced to change to a escort and tac just to play STF?